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This is my Poetry, if you like it... cool! If you don't, okay. Some of hese are written for friends, not all about myself.

Love Falls

Love falls from the heavens and shatters at my feet.
I can never seem to catch it.
The right words and actions my heart does retreat
And I collapse

Love flows from the oceans and washes away my soul
It always slips away
I am left with this empty void, a black hole.
And I cry

Love emits from the earth and it grows into my heart
But the landlord forgets.
From this world of new feelings will I always be apart.
And I die

Light steps trodden heavily with death,
A candle doused, a bird silenced.
No one saw the reaper here,
No one felt his blade… but one.
Singularly documented and placed among the rest.
Minds turn over and ask and ask
Youth taken, mortality challenged.
Fate held this boy in her hands,
She swept him away.
Though not put out, though not put away.
He was set among the stars,
Became a star to beacon those lost souls.
The ones that have no tears of mourning shed for them.
Remembrance stronger than sorrow,
Love stronger that pity,
These will prevail.

Come One Come All to the FREAK SHOW!
     I prefer to be called special.
Look at its Hideous Deformities!
     You used to call me beautiful.
This show IS NOT for the Faint of Heart!
     Afraid someone sensitive will feel sorry for me?
STAND BACK, this creature is EXTREMELY dangerous!
     You're the one that's hurting me.
Come, for a limited time only, BE QUICK!
     I've always been here and always will be.
None of these creatures are left in the wild!
     Differences here equal wild to you?
Very Hard to Capture, even HARDER TO TAME!
     I've never seen the sky or even ran.
Come One Come All to the FREAK SHOW!
     …Freak show…yeah, dad.

Disassembly Required

No one will understand me `cause there's disassembly required.
Not a soul cares to understand, of this I'm growing tired.
Order from your television these put together dolls,
And when my image comes up, the ratings seem to fall.
Disassembly required sounds to complex to deal with.
With all my feelings covered up, original for me is myth.
Please break away my humility, shatter the distant haze,
Painted emotions need to be dissolved, but am I worth this maze?
I'm blurred between the lines of here and not.
Just a distortion meant to be forgot.
The mold from which I came is ever changing still,
Shifting, moving delicately, but never at my will.
Myself is a sculpted to fit into the background of situations.
Always hoping that someone will have, for me, some patience.

Dark Child

Dark Child don't cry, you have the night for your embrace.
Dark Child don't cry, the stars will love your hollowed face.
Dark Child don't cry, the crow will sing your lullaby.
Dark Child don't cry, the moon will let you fly.
Dark Child don't cry, your black eyes can't see your scars.
Dark Child don't cry, the angels aren't that far.
Dark Child don't cry, I know that you will find your place
Dark Child... don't die.... because you're wearing my face.

Mortuary of minds

In the mortuary of minds we keep stacking out brains on the shelf
Giving up true knowledge for what seems to be easy wealth
This morgue of wasted matter holds unfortune for every vessel
A straitjacket for those empty minds, just rats now, chewing on discarded gristle
A barren lot where few plants grow, such sadness for the fertile soil
Please dig your roots in deep and learn, don't sit in a jar to spoil.

Loving Hatred

Love for a day
hated for three
that's the price I pay
for simply being me
I can't stand to be alone
but I find myself there
sitting by the phone
Silence I can't bare
meaning lost in a blank scene
I always fade into the canvas
with on nothing stable to lean
my mind swirling to the past
I see everything slightly curved
what could be straight in lies
but I can never find the nerve
to put an end to this despise
loving the world for eternity
hated for just as long
in this morbid landscape
doesn't something seem wrong?

A secret of entrapment wrapped in mystery
sorrow turned to sweetness for the price of conversation
taken to the depths of my emotion
where sharks feed upon misery
I dare not dwell in that abyss without the light of this new beauty
hold me in the corners of your mind for there I feel safe
your words within my soul and my mind lost within my heart
where willow branches entangle to form one sacred tree
there is where I place our memory.

On A Dream

one thousand paper birds tied to balloons
fly up into a sunset sky
no one understands a plastic flower
until a real one starts to die
a pretender tries to tell an imitation from a fake
they choose the real matches and get burned
dolls of cloth and cotton whisper precociously
then children speak of what they learned
Medicine of sugar only cures the tongue
and leaves the body aching
the mind grows tired and weary still
when the soul is always taking
and the only time when things make sense...
is on a dream...

I gave depression the worst times of my life and I saved the best for death.
No more pain, no more sorrow, just that one finally of a last breath.
I took in the blackness of my life and turned it into light.
With beauty at my side at last there could be no dieing fight.
All the shadows turned into open doors, my chains turned into wings.
My heart leapt into motion instead of being a pathetic, shriveled thing.
The watchtowers stood there steadfast and silent as time breezed through infinity.
No crumbling flesh could hold me back, my heart, soul and mind a brilliant trinity.
No color can be my body nor murky pools my eyes.
I can not only see but also be past the moon the mountains and the skies.
Shed not a tear upon the earth that isn't worth its weight in dreams,
And don't waste, but cherish, the time wasted in hopeless romantic schemes.  
I teach you this my wandering friend in life there can be no master plan,
You make yourself a purpose; use your heart and not your hand.
Sing yourself a new soul and carve new thoughts from clouds.
A life can't be built of paper dolls and pitifully recorded death shrouds

Sadness pearls off of my life
Like light rain on new, waxy leaves.
The water glides down the stem.
Earth takes it into her and changes it
Converts it into life.
She takes my sorrow from me
And it becomes light.
Forest takes me into his arms.
Spiders draw themselves out of their webs
To watch forest and I dance.
He spins me into shadow
Then submerges me into sunlight.
Wind and Sky plunge through the canopy.
They jostle my senses with aromas.
They bring me hints of flowers
And fields from across the world.
Earth kisses my feet with every step.
Faster and faster I dance and sway.
Passion burning within me lets me know
My Fire is with me always
Quickening my step and livening my soul.
The spirit of the universe
Throughout me and around me.

When I grow Up

When I grow up I want to be me!
Not some creature molded by society.
Can you grow up with your morals intact?
Will I survive without some sacrilegious pact?
I don't want my innocence stolen away
I want to be the same person that I am today.
When I grow up I don't want the past to be gone.
I want the chance I've always had and have waited for so long.
Can I go away and still stay in place
When the world is changing in such a fast pace?
When I grow up I just want to be me…
If my soul's the price for living I can't pay the fee.
I can't let myself fade away and disappear.
There's no chance to recover and this is what I fear.
If I'm not myself then who will I be,
A shell, a void trying to grasp some sanity?
I don't care what I am when I'm old and grown
As long as it's myself, to the world, I have shown.