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Cool Band Names
Okay, maybe not cool, but I thought they were neat. Whenever I hear a cool word, or a weird phrase, or I just think of something stupid I say that I'm going to start a band with that name. Even though I'm not talented enough to be in a band I keep a list of all the little names I think of. If you see one you like, Draw a symbol or mascot for the name, e-mail me the pic with the heading of the e-mail the band name of your choice, and If they are appropriate I'll put them on this very page. Please keep them around 70 kb, thank you. I thought it'd be kinda fun. Hope you think so too!

Snobbish Garage-Sailers

Them Apples

Little Green Buddha

Neon Tombstone

Chemical Ducky

Green Tea Symphony

Bent Penny

Incoherently Content

Low-Riding Old People

Marshmallow Ghosts

Copper Corduroy



Dreaming Demons

Definite Silence


Dyslexic Cows

In Your Organs

Bitter Lollipop


Expression Between Emotions


Motion Sickness

Stone Tears


Diabolic Penguins

Camouflaged Pedestrians


ABC's Of Doom

Dismembered Broccoli

Flight of Soul

Purple Mongoose


Final Beginnings

Flavor of Sorrow


Someone Other Than They

Platform 5

Orange Laces

Follow The Light

Glass Rose

Final Hour

Look Again

Mechanics of Insanity

9-Toed Angels

Soulless Willow



Moehawked Possums


Barefoot Flamingos

Violet Clowns

The Stapler Conspiracy

Princes of Wails