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My Silver Silence
Hello! I'm glad you have found your way here. This is my silver silence, my retreat, my sanctuary. Within these pages I will divulge myself to you and Introduce you to Cylence. I'm 16, Female, and have been writing since I was 11. Poetry and stories here probably differ in many ways because they were written in different stages of my life. I would be very pleased for any constructive criticism, and any comments at all. Most of my writing can't be taken literally, so don't hate me right off. These pages will grow and reveal more and more of my soul; since that's what I think poetry and art and all of those things are... pieces of peoples souls. And you are forewarned that my spelling is atrocious and my grammar isn't quite perfect, but as long as you get what I'm trying to say I'll be happy.

If you want to know more about me read on, If you want to get to my stuff, click on one of the other links way back up there. Okay, for those of you that stayed, I guess you're wondering what my deal is. I like to write, play the piano, and doodle, My most beloved creation is Cylence which you'll get to meet if you choose to. I live in Michigan, and as I said I'm 16. I have a dog and a cat and I love and care for other creatures that wander through my yard. (Turkeys absolutely LOVE that grape nut cereal stuff.) I'm an aminal person. I also take care of our gardens with my father, help my mom cook, and go swimming as much as I can. Don't worry, my family is no less dysfunctional than is expected of a family. My mom has always claimed that she was an alien and my father talks to the t.v. My brother and I don't get along quite well though we have our moments, and of course my parents don't think I work nearly hard enough, because, after all ..." when we were your age..."
    When I grow up... I want to be an art therapist. But right now it's high school for this odd little duck. What else can I tell you? Oh, I'm trying to learn how to play chess, trying to work this wretched computer, and trying to get a job so I can save up for car insurance, a guitar, and a rhinestone collar for my cat. No bell though, she hates them.  
     I have friends, I pick on most of them but my friend Laura gets the most from me, so in honor of her.... I say splortch from the bottom of my heart. Okay, that looks like enough so, high-ho silver away!